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Gary's Story

Our Patient Testimonials

Evoke Hearing Aids

These are amazing. Perhaps the most pleasurable attribute is the ability to now listen to movies, music and BOOKS….

while walking , exercising and doing most household chores and even painting allows me the freedom to be up and about and enjoy activities in a new modern way..

(definitely not chained to a chair)

Thanks for you marvelous service.

I appreciate your attention to detail and continued follow up!


"This is my third set of hearing aids in my life, and by far theses are the best fit and hearing since I have worn them".


"I hear better with these new aids

than I have with all the previous

ones I have had. The audibility is

so much better! I feel better

wearing them".


These new aids do everything you told me they would do. I am very impressed. They are the best hearing aids I have ever had. Thanks for your great service.

James P.

I Never Knew...

I tried hearing aids a few years ago and was disappointed. My new aids are fantastic. I never knew how much I was missing and having them paired to my iPhone is a big plus for me. Thank you Sylvia!

J. Johnson.